Wednesday, February 24, 2010

migrated once again.

I think I got it figured out for reals now. this is where I wanna be:
blog blog blog blog blog bog log blog

Monday, February 15, 2010


Valetine's day was rushed and stressful, but became the greatest valetine's (or just day) of all time! I really had my mind set on having a pink bob wig. I figured it wouldn't be hard to find. WRONG. after waking up super late today, and watching british comedy TV with devin, the mad rush began to come up empty handed to find this wig before our 5:30 dinner reservations.

Even though it was a beautiful amazing day (it was raining really hard, and Devin and I wished it would), and even thought there was a HUGE bright rainbow afterward (I couldn't enjoy it because I didn't have my key element to my outfit), I was rushed and worried I wouldn't have something to work with. I tried to even settle with a black bob, but no go. last minute struggles going into a store I had already been to get ANYTHING to put on my head, I found a little flower headband veil. I've been wanting a veil for months now! and I had a coupon! so this shitty hot glue gun mess of $15 was only $5 (now actually worth the asking price) and I was satisfied with that. Now we had approx 20 minutes to get ready before we left. I got make-up done and put together a gothic-loli outfit (only the second time I've worn that black dress. the first time was my 22nd bday and I threw up that night. not ON the dress, thankfully. it's hard to clean).

We make it to Alki Beach while the sun is setting with plenty of time (10 minutes, that is REALLY early for me) for our reservation. I was set on having surf and turf. that is steak AND LOBSTER. Devin was willing to shell out as a gift for V-day, as he knows the way to my heart is my belly. and other materialist things, but mostly food. We get sat by the fire escape (lame) and they have only ONE set menu for the night, none of which was surf and turf. crab legs were $99. I would have felt guilty having devin pay for something we didn't really 100% wanted. So, we took the 30 second walk of shame (see: confidence of knowing what we want, damnit) and left.

On a whim, we decided to go to a place on the other side of the water, one we've been to twice before with great and much cheaper results. the Rock Salt (which is a way better name than "Salty's" btw). They sat us despite not having reservations. They had exactly what I wanted for half the price. They served us way faster. We had a view of a marina, and rain on the windows. AMAZING.

A couple eating behind us left shortly after we started eating. They complimented us on our outfits. I was so excited! sometimes I get self conscious when I wear something that stands out a bit. Maybe acceptable in Harajuku Tokyo, not so much Seattle USA. The pleasant nice couple were on their way, and we thanked them for the compliment and wished them a Happy Valentine's. Just one thing like that makes my whole day.

When we were done eating (I ate ALL the steak/garlic mashed potatoes/green beans/lobster tail/bread/strawberry salad/2 flirtinis and half the brownie ice cream desert!!!) we asked for our check and the waitress informed us that the couple from before PAID FOR OUR DINNER!!!!!!!! Apparently just because they liked our outfits!?!?! I DON'T KNOW BUT IT WAS SOOOO AWESOME!!! it was over $100!!! But we got it for FREE. CUZ YESSSSS!!!!! that has literally never happened before. my life was made. the waitress was like "yeah I almost started tearing up" it was so cute! I almost did too! it was so nice! and cool! and awesome! and that would have never happened if we stayed at stupid one menu fire exit salty's! FATE OF FREE V DAY DINNER!!!!!

Devin kept trying to figure out why they would do that, what kind of people they were. I couldn't stop smiling and saying "WOW!". Devin's theory is when we were first seated, he pulled out the seat for me and I said "awww thanks, bear!" and he said "I'm trying, I'm trying". He thinks they might have thought it was our first Valentine's together and we were a way over dressed young couple in love. well, we've been together 3 years, we always try to overdress and we're totally in love. I hope they don't get upset if they ever find out we've been through a few valentine's days, but Devin is always trying to be a gentleman.

Monday, January 18, 2010

good frays

A Blue C Sushi opened across the street from Gameworks downtown. Today was the third time Matt and I had 'Japan Happy Hour' where we eat sushi, drink sake bombs and then go across the street to take sticker pictures and play DDR and Taiko Drumming. It's what my life will pretty much be like when I move to Japan in a year, and we're practicing.

I have big plans for 2010, and I hope they don't fall through. 10 is an even number, and even numbered years have yet to fail me. Also some internet horoscopes gave me fake hope which I will most likely take as real hope. In addition to all this false (real) hope along with zero facts, is the fact that since I've moved to this apartment in July, I've had 3 lady bug encounters. There is one flying around me now. it's the only bug that doesn't bother (bug) me. I looked some more stuff up on the internet (facts) and a ladybug is a sign of good luck. I don't know what to do with it, should I feed it? I don't know what they eat. I hope it doesn't die in here, that can't be good luck.

So! here's to reaching goals by sheer luck! 2010! big plans! let's go! fame, fortune, travel and happy times! let's go! okay! time to go to bed! tomorrow is another day! of 2010! whew!